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--- Quote from: wrtgvwe on 04  May  2013, 12:42 ---
yes, I know it is a rar archive, unpacked with the installed winrar and there was no problem with that content (even with avast)

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Most patches are now being false flagged as trojans, I have had it at least 8 times and always on the patch with strangely high severity levels it's bs :)

plzeee someone help me,,,,,my controller is not working in this game,,,and i am not so good with keyboard and mouse... so plzeee someone help me


--- Quote from: SHADES225 on 08  May  2013, 10:49 ---
What controller u have?
try using a PS3 controller with motionInJoy and Xpadder or the Xbox 360 controller works fine too

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brother ,,,,i have simple pc controller ,,,and the company`s name is 'quantum',,,is it works...well ,,,i tried also with xbox 360 controller emulater but it can,t works,,,,so could u plze tell me any other way to fix it...


--- Quote from: SHADES225 on 10  May  2013, 01:40 ---
Hey guys, I'd like to know if the update patch provided for each game on this web site is included in the full game package; i ask because in everygame ive downloaded so far I found a windows batch file structured like this: " update-name of the game"..Is it the update patch? or we still have to download the link that u always provide with each game?

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that bat file is opening your browser at game topic on this forum - you must download and install patch listed on that game topic

Thank you for the upload. I deleted my skidrow version it sucked with the update. Your update rules man! I appreciate your hard work.


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