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--- Quote from: kevinlboss on 03  Oct  2013, 21:44 ---
are you sure there any virus in the file 'cause my utorrent says to me that there

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utorrent just started antipiracy nonsense don't pay attention

--- Quote from: pandajim on 07  Oct  2013, 17:25 ---
Could you guys fix buttons cause i keep dying a lot because theirs no action command

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nosteam is repack group not a developer

there is a problem with my game

i been playing the game with almost no problems

but there is some kind of a glitch or i dont know but it happens when lara fells of the plane

i can deploy the parashoot but after that the screen go brown  and i cant see any thing and simply hit a tree and die


--- Quote from: mainman5005 on 15  Oct  2013, 03:02 ---
Hey guys.... I just played your DMC and that worked perfectly.

I've downloaded this game and installed it but when i click on the shortcut on the desktop the li'l blue loading circle comes up for a second and then nothing happens. The game doesn't open up nor is there an error message. Any help would be appreciated :)


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- Update your video card driver,
- install all required software listed on game topic ,
- install update patch ,
- disable User Account Control ,
- make sure your antivirus is not blocking game files (add game folder to Exceptions),
- Run game as Administrator

I had downloaded and installed the first link
what to do next?

sheikh asad:
hi....i am new to nos team and it rocks
i got stuck on 80% pease seeeeeeddddd     i really need  it


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